How Serious Are Possession Of Cocaine Charges?

No matter its form – crack rock or powder – cocaine is illegal in Alabama. While there are laws surrounding its manufacture, sale, and distribution, cocaine possession charges are the most common. If you have been arrested for possessing this illegal substance, the penalties could be severe.

Law enforcement will categorize the seriousness of your possession charges mainly by weight. Even an amount of cocaine that is less than a typical packet of sweetener constitutes a felony. Amounts only slightly greater than that will escalate the charges to higher degrees of felonies, and greater punishments begin to pile up.

But it is not only the weight of the cocaine in your possession that determines your charges and potential sentencing. The purer the substance, the harsher the consequences. Furthermore, if you are found with cleanly packaged or organized amounts of cocaine, your possession charges could also be coupled with distribution violations.

What punishments can I face for possession of cocaine charges?

As there are no misdemeanor possession of cocaine charges in the legal system, you can expect that any penalties you might be facing to be extreme, such as:

  • Between $6,000 and $30,000 fines
  • One to 20 years behind bars
  • Loss of employment and educational opportunities
  • Rehabilitative programs
  • Revocation of driver’s license if arrested for a DUI

Getting arrested for possession of cocaine puts your future in jeopardy. At Tidwell Law Group, LLC, we understand that you don’t deserve to have your freedoms and wellbeing destroyed all because of one mistake. For 10+ years, we have dedicated their legal practice to the defense of those charged with some of the most serious criminal charges and those who have committed more common violations, such as DUI and drug possession crimes.

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