I’Ve Been Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana – What Now?

Although marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug by state and federal regulations, it is one of the few controlled substances that can be considered for misdemeanor charges. In Alabama, it is estimated that marijuana is used more than twice as frequently as the next most popular illegal substance – cocaine. Perhaps the widespread use of the drug and the minimal nature of its apparent side effects have given government officials some reason to reduce the severity of its charges, if only slightly.

Avoid a Possession of Marijuana Conviction with Our Help

Compared to other illicit substances, marijuana has an interesting and more-unique set of regulations in Alabama, as it tends to be more lenient for violators. If you are caught with any amount of marijuana in your possession and it is reasonable to assume it was just for your own personal use – typically under 2 pounds – you will most certainly be facing a Class A misdemeanor charge. While not as serious as a felony, this is still the highest form of misdemeanor and can unravel your future wellbeing by hitting you with high fines and up to a year behind bars.

If it appears that you may have been in possession of marijuana for reasons other than personal use, such as holding more than 2 pounds or keeping it in neatly packaged containers that could be used for sale, your charges can escalate to a Class C felony.

If you are convicted of a Class C felony, you will be facing punishments including:

  • One to 10 years in state prison
  • Up to $6000 fines for first offenses
  • $15,000 fines for repeat offenses or large amounts
  • Forced into a rehabilitative program and after-jail probation

If a police officer has arrested you for possession of marijuana in Alabama, you don’t have to accept your charges without a fight. With the help of Tidwell Law Group, LLC, our knowledgeable Birmingham drug defense attorneys can start to piece together a strong case in your defense. Using our 10+ years of experience, we have learned that many arguments against you can be dismantled by a careful review of the evidence and challenging the validity of the arresting officer’s search and seizure of your property. Our dedication to defending those accused of criminal acts – from DUI arrests to drug charges – has earned us an impressive list of wins and case results.

If you are worried that your future could be ruined for one mistake, contact our firm or fill out a free online case evaluation now.