What Happens When I’M Arrested For Possession Of Methamphetamines?

One of the more popular controlled substances in Alabama, methamphetamines – also known as meth or crystal meth – have severe consequences under both state and federal law. With a dramatic rise of meth lab seizures in the state within recent years, government forces are cracking down and using harsh scrutiny when dealing with the drug. If you have been caught possessing methamphetamines, you need to be fully aware of the details of your arrest and your potential conviction penalties.

Understand Possession of Methamphetamine Charges

Having virtually any amount of meth on your person when you are arrested can constitute a Class C felony in Alabama. Without any possibility of a misdemeanor charge, drug charges against an individual holding methamphetamines can be far too damaging for first-time offenders. Furthermore, if you are arrested with a “suspicious” amount of the illicit substance, it might be seen as an intent to sell the drug rather than use it for yourself. Just like that, your possession charge has escalated to a Class B or Class A felony on the basis of a few additional grams.

Harsh penalties for methamphetamine charges in Alabama:

  • Minimum of $6,000 fines in most cases
  • Maximum fine between $15,000 and $30,000
  • One to 20 years in prison
  • Loss of employment
  • Registration on criminal offender lists
  • Mandatory rehabilitation programs
  • Loss of driver’s license in DUI arrests

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