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Understanding the Penalties for Drunken Driving

There are many penalties associated with DUI in Alabama that can be harsh or completely life-altering. For example, a DUI conviction may leave the defendant facing penalties such as imprisonment, steep fines, or extended periods of mandatory community service. While these penalties are not to be taken lightly, one of the most inconvenient and disruptive of DUI punishments is the suspension of the defendant’s license.
In Alabama, a defendant can lose their right to drive after their very first DUI:

License Suspension vs. License Revocation

Although similar, it is actually different to have a suspended license and to have a revoked license. License suspension is more casual in nature and is usually short-term (ex: 90 days). On the other hand, a revoked license is more permanent and means that the Director of Public Safety has actually completely withdrawn your right to drive. After the revocation period ends, you will be required to apply for a new license.

What Do I Do if My Driver’s License Was Suspended?

If your driver’s license was suspended, the court might have taken away your physical card. However, if it did not, you must mail or hand in your driver’s license to the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division.
After your driver’s license is suspended, you are not permitted to operate a vehicle. If you are caught driving with a suspended driver’s license, you could be imprisoned.

Can I Appeal a Driver’s License Suspension?

If you received a notice of driver’s license suspension, you have 10 days from the mail date of the letter to request a hearing. During the hearing, you will have an opportunity to challenge the suspension and present reasons as to why your driver’s license should not be suspended.

How Much Does it Cost to Get My Driver’s License Reinstated?

To have your driver’s license reinstated, you must pay the required fees to the Director of Public Safety. It costs $275 to resinstate your license if it was suspended for a drug- or alcohol-related offense

DUI Defense Attorney in the Birmingham Area

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