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Defending Alabama Clients for 17 years
Tidwell Law Group, LLC firmly believes that each case is unique, just like our clients. We are dedicated to giving individualized, personal attention to everyone who needs our professional assistance. Together, we can distinguish the truth from the lies and pursue a beneficial resolution to your case that does not compromise your future well-being.

Entering a courtroom unprepared can leave you feeling helpless and unprotected from harsh criminal charges. For 17 years, Tidwell Law Group, LLC has been representing the people of Homewood with unparalleled legal commitment. We genuinely want to see your case succeed and are committed to keeping your best interests in mind.

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Tackling the Biggest Criminal Cases So You Don’t Have To

When you face criminal charges, too much is at stake to leave it up to chance or to an inexperienced public defender. Only treating your case as the highest priority will do, and the professionals at our firm can do just that and so much more. We understand that meticulously piecing your case together and possessing a keen eye for overlooked evidence is essential to a positive result. With our help, no rock will go unturned as we tirelessly seek justice for you.

We have handled multiple criminal defense cases, including:

Seasoned and Knowledgeable Service in DUI Cases

In addition to handling criminal defense cases, our lawyers’ primary focus is representing and defending those arrested on DUI charges. We take great care to ensure our clients are treated fairly by the unforgiving legal system and that they are given their best chance at justice. Whether fighting to dismiss your charges or reduce fines or jail time, our firm never loses sight of our ultimate goal—protecting you and your future.

We have an impressive history in DUI cases. We serve clients in various charges, including:

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Here at Tidwell Law Group, LLC, our Homewood criminal lawyers have spent years practicing and studying criminal and DUI defense cases. Our mission is to give our clients a fair chance at finding justice and our attorneys do so through reliable, aggressive defense strategies that are tailored individually from case to case. We are here to make a positive difference on your future.
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