I Got Arrested For My First Dui. What Should I Do?

DUI cases are difficult. From the moment you are pulled over to the moment the case closes, you will face numerous questions, tests, and hearings, any of which could be used by prosecution in an attempt to secure a conviction. Knowing more about the DUI process can help you avoid common pitfalls as you prepare to fight your charges.

Dos and Don’ts of Your First DUI

So what should you do after an arrest? To begin, you should avoid saying anything about your DUI to law enforcement until you speak with a criminal defense attorney. While you should give officers identifying information such as your name and address, anything else you say could be used against you in the future. Even if you know you were not driving under the influence, it’s best to save your story until you can share it with a lawyer.

Do not say anything that could hurt your case:

  • Don’t admit guilt.
  • Don’t argue with the officer.
  • Don’t try to explain your situation.

While you shouldn’t speak to a police officer about your case, there are certain things you should always do after getting arrested for DUI, regardless of your circumstances. Failure to do any of these things could leave you without your driving privileges or worse.

Be sure to do each of the following:

  • Take your chemical test — Refusing a chemical test will end with a suspension of your driver’s license. It is better to take the test and fight the results later than to forfeit your license at the beginning of your case.
  • Schedule and attend a DMV hearing — At a DMV hearing, you can defend your right to keep your license. Failure to attend the hearing will result in an automatic suspension of your license.
  • Work with an experienced lawyer — While there is no penalty for facing your charges without an attorney, you can significantly increase your chance of a better outcome by working with a DUI lawyer.

By following the steps above, you can avoid common problems people encounter when facing their first DUI. Contact Tidwell Law Group, LLC to learn how a Birmingham DUI lawyer can defend you against the various types of evidence you are facing. While we can’t guarantee a positive outcome, we know from more than 10 years of successful drinking and driving cases that we have what it takes to help you build the best defense for your situation.

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