Pursuing A Claim After An Accident With A Commercial Truck

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles, often carrying heavy loads that make them substantially more dangerous than passenger cars. An accident with one of these beasts could result in serious injury or even death. Because of the potential damage, truck drivers must exercise caution when behind the wheel. However, some engage in unsafe practices, such as distracted driving, that put the lives and safety of others at risk.

Distracted While Driving

Distracted driving is defined as engaging in any activity that requires an individual to take their hands off the steering wheel, their eyes off the road, and/or their mind off driving.

Distractions could include:

  • Using a cell phone to talk or send messages
  • Playing with radio controls
  • Having a conversation with passengers
  • Eating
  • Changing or updating settings on a GPS

When a driver’s attention is on something other than the road ahead of them for even a few seconds, they might not have enough time to react if an unexpected hazard pops out in front of them.

Distractions and Commercial Truck Accidents

For big rig drivers, distractions are especially dangerous, as they need about 525 feet to stop their vehicle if they are traveling at 65 mph. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 6% of commercial truck accidents were caused by distracted drivers, and 16% of those individuals were using their phones.

The results of a commercial truck accident are devastating. In August of 2019, a Montgomery 18-wheeler driver was arrested for manslaughter after an investigation determined he was on his cell phone when he slammed into the back of a car without braking. The Alabama woman driving the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene.

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