Five Crazy Dui Stories You Can Learn From

Have you ever heard a story that was so crazy that there was zero chance it was made up? They happen, and DUI arrests are no exception. Fortunately, when someone becomes a part of one of these stories, we can all learn from their mistake and avoid becoming a story of our own in the future. Here are a few valuable lessons we can learn from some of the strangest DUI arrest stories you’ll ever hear.

You Will Be Arrested, Even If You’re Honest

Law enforcement officers have zero tolerance for driving under the influence: if you’re over the legal limit you will be arrested. While many people think honesty is the key to getting off easy, one Wisconsin woman found out the hard way that that’s not how things go. Mary Strey called 911 to report a drunk driver: herself. While it was extremely civil and spirited of her to be upfront and honest about her conduct, officers still had no choice but to take her into custody and charge her with driving under the influence when her breathalyzer test revealed a blood alcohol content level that was more than double the legal limit. Lesson learned: you will be arrested if you drive drunk, even if you’re honest with law enforcement about it.

Ride with a Designated Driver

A couple once went out to dinner with their teenage son and enjoyed a bottle of wine between the two of them. However, once they polished off the bottle, they realized they were too drunk to get behind the wheel. With multiple drunk driving convictions between the two of them, they did what any responsible person should do, ask someone else to drive. Unfortunately, the person they asked was their 13 year old son.

Officers eventually found the vehicle stopped in the middle of a major roadway because the young boy became frightened and refused to drive the car any further. Apparently the couple had given him no help in the task because they were too busy making out in the back seat. So while it’s smart to ride with a designated driver, make sure the driver is also licensed and can get you home safely.

You Don’t Have to Be Driving a Car to Get a DUI

What many people don’t realize is that DUI charges are not restricted to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Just because something isn’t necessarily a typical motor vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t be charged with DUI for operating it, especially if you continue to endanger your own or other people’s safety. Boats, motor scooters, go-karts, and even off-road vehicles like sand rails, dirt bikes, ATVs, and many more all require that you operate them while sober.

A Minnesota man found this out the hard way after he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after running his motorized La-Z-Boy sofa into a parked car. You read that right: the man had installed wheels and an engine onto a couch, and then proceeded to drive it while intoxicated.

Even just last year, a Florida woman found out the hard way that not all DUIs are even in vehicles when she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence while on horseback. Someone had spotted the woman and called the police saying she appeared confused and possibly in danger. Her breathalyzer test returned a .161 result, more than double Florida’s legal limit of .08.

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