Can I Just Turn Around If I See A Dui Checkpoint?

Imagine you’re driving home from a party when all of a sudden, traffic starts to back up. Looking down the road, you realize that there is a DUI checkpoint ahead.

You’re nervous because you had a few drinks at the party, but you also notice that you have the ability to turn around and avoid the checkpoint altogether. Do you take the opportunity or not?

The answer is: “It depends.”

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When Is It Safe to Avoid a DUI Checkpoint?

There is no law making it illegal to turn away from a DUI checkpoint – but there are laws governing when and how you can make that turn. If you make an illegal turn or break any other traffic law in order to avoid a sobriety checkpoint, then you may just make your situation worse instead of preventing a DUI arrest.

Police officers are not allowed to go after someone who turns away from a checkpoint simply because they are suspicious. Officers must have valid reason to believe that you are intoxicated before they can pursue your vehicle or pull you over to determine whether you are under the influence.

They can, however, pull you over if you did any of the following:

  • Drove through a barricade / traffic cones
  • Failed to use your turn signal before turning
  • Disobeyed a traffic sign or signal
  • Failed to yield
  • Crossed a solid white or yellow line
  • Drove over a divider
  • Drove on the sidewalk
  • Made an illegal U-turn
  • Drove the wrong way

The moment you break any traffic law, a police officer has the right to pull you over. The moment they pull you over, they might come up with reasonable suspicion that you are intoxicated (such as bloodshot eyes and / or the smell of alcohol on your breath).

Don’t give them that chance. Make a legal turn to avoid a checkpoint or else go through with the sobriety check.

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