Drunk Driving With A Child In The Car

Alabama has among the toughest drunk driving laws and penalties in the nation. While it is no secret that driving under the influence (DUI) has serious consequences, several circumstances can lead to “aggravated” DUI charges and increased penalties. Drivers who have children under 14 in their car at the time of an arrest can face especially severe punishments. If convicted, penalties including prison sentences, fines, and license suspensions can be doubled. This is true even if no accidents or injuries resulted from an offense. Other circumstances which can lead to increased charges include prior DUI convictions, an exceptionally high blood alcohol content, or if injuries occurred.

As of 2011, Alabama enacted new legislation which increases the punishments for many drunk driving offenses including when a minor is present in the car. After a license suspension has ended, drivers will be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in their vehicle. IID’s monitor a driver’s blood alcohol content through the administration of breath tests and can be installed for two years or longer. If a driver fails to complete a test when prompted or if the device detects any alcohol, the car will cease to operate and the authorities will be notified. A failed IID test can be charged as a separate crime with drivers facing additional consequences.

Fighting Your DUI Charges in Alabama

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